Positive Puppets

There’s a special magical connection between people and puppets – we, as humans, instantly come alive with creativity and imagination when puppets are used for entertainment.

E-Video Greetings

Your chance to own a very special birthday gift with a Positive Puppets Birthday Greeting Video – a very special birthday gift .  Why stop at Birthdays? Valentines? Christmas? How about an Anniversary? New Home? New Baby for a sibling? Get well?

What wording will you choose? And which, out of a huge menu of 30+ puppets, will you choose?

Whether it’s for a 1 year old or a 100 year old, the magic of puppets singing Happy Birthday or any other greeting of your choice is a memorable, unique gift.  We deliver with energy, vibrancy and tons of love. 

Option A – Delivered via either a special link (£25)

Option B – Delivered via a QR code on a Birthday card and positive smiley gift box delivered in the post (£39 plus postage)

You will be guaranteed making a huge difference to your special person’s day.

To book a Positive Puppets Greeting Video click here. For more information or to see a sample, please email happy@seriouslaughter.co.uk

See our funpost on Positive Puppets here.

Puppetry Playshops

You will learn together and most of all have fun in this monthly get together of puppeteers.  Playshop sessions can be found on the  Eventbrite page.

Your day will never be dull with a puppet experience in your life.

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