What is

Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a special exercise routine with simulated laughter and deep Yogic breathing. Read what happens in a session here.

Regular wellbeing laughter workshops are proven to really help both mental health and
physical health. 

– Melts stress and relieves anxiety
– Enables you to cope with ease
– Creates positivity when not happy
– Improves your immune system

Are you struggling with…

Tiredness – Overwhelm – Low moods – Socially isolated – Stressed – Anxiety – Motivation – Low self-esteem and confidence – Frequently poorly?


Then coming to a wellbeing Laughter Yoga Workshop will really improve your mental health and wellbeing. 


Have more energy, creativity and confidence with Laughter Yoga in your life.

Benefits to You

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Who’s behind Serious Laughter? 

Sara Kay is the face behind Serious Laughter.  A Laughter Yoga Teacher with passion to make a difference to lives.  Sara delivers ice-breakers, talks, workshops and courses on Laughter for the Health of It either in-person or online to businesses, mental health and community groups in Manchester, Cheshire
and North Wales.

Sara is a bright star in this world! 

Laughter is often talked about in the context of helping mental health, and I would love to add that laughter has helped improve my physical health too!

Suzanne Glenn


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