What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a special exercise routine with simulated laughter and deep Yogic breathing. There are special techniques used to simulate laughter which soon becomes genuine – meaning there’s no need to be happy to laugh. 
Read what happens in a workshop here.

Regular (being weekly or monthly) wellbeing laughter workshops are proven to really help both mental health and physical health. These are just a few ways they help:
– Reduces stress and relieves anxiety
– Enables you to cope with challenges
– Creates positivity when not happy
– Improves your immune system
– Boosts social connection and confidence

Laughter Yoga isn’t a new activity – it was founded in 1995 by Dr Madan Kataria and is now in over 116 countries.  See the founder’s website here for more indepth knowledge and research.  The popularity of Laughter Yoga (or laughing yoga, yoga laughter as it is occasionally called) is becoming more and more in demand because the practice works exceptionally well and is very accessible to those with mobility issues. 

The exercises help to improve resilience to life and work challenges and are in fact a complete mind and body workout.  

Helping companies to melt employees’ stress, boost moral, have less sickness absences.  Motivate, energise and produce the most brilliant creative ideas.

Joyful Laughter Journal

To help you on your way into the world of laughing on purpose, in additioni to ongoing group Laughter coaching we offer an excellent  31 day Joyful Laughter Journal (with support if required) – see the Journal here.

The Journal has a Laughter Yoga exercise video link for you to practice each day.  With analysis and lots of space for writing your thoughts, happiness hints, tips and tools, this really is a journal like no other.

Sara Kay has meticulously and enthusiastically created this special Journal to help you if you struggle with positivity, motivation, energy, confidence and brain fog.  Read more about the Journal here.


Team Building

Every team member needs to have the same values:

– energy and drive

– cohesion, the chemistry to work well together

– new, creative ideas to stay ahead of the game

– resilience to cope under stress

–  strong communication both on a professional and
   personal level

– emotional intelligence

Teams really thrive, are vibrant and work extremely well together when they take part in a Laughter Yoga session. 





If you struggling with…

Tiredness – Overwhelm – Low moods – Socially isolated – Stressed – Anxiety – Motivation – Low self-esteem and confidence – Frequently poorly?


Then coming regularly to wellbeing Laughter Yoga Workshops will really improve your mental health

and wellbeing. 


Have more energy, creativity and confidence with Laughter Yoga in your life.

Improve your business with Laughter Yoga 


How businesses benefit – retained happy employees and less sickness absences plus brilliant team cohesion.

Who’s behind Serious Laughter? 

Sara Kay is the face behind Serious Laughter.  Accredited by the FHT, Sara is the vibrant Laughter Yoga Teacher with a driving passion to make a difference to lives (she came into the Laughter world because of depression so has great empathy and understanding of those sceptical to this practice).  Sara delivers ice-breakers, talks, workshops and courses on Laughter for the Health of It either in-person or online to businesses, mental health and community groups in Manchester, Cheshire
and North Wales.

Sara is a bright star in this world! 

Laughter is often talked about in the context of helping mental health, and I would love to add that laughter has helped improve my physical health too!

Suzanne Glenn

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