Are you or your team feeling: Overwhelmed     – Fed up?
Socially isolated – Stressed?
These feelings cause low immunity too 

Intentional Wellbeing Laughter is a special exercise routine which:
Melts stress, connects, cope with ease,
create your own positivity 

We can show you how through
fantastic wellbeing workshops and courses, which are proven to help
mental health. 

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SCHOOLS: Does your staff team need some  positivity? Children in your class have low moods, poor memory?
Laughter Yoga will give them motivation, social connection and work better with more oxygen inside their brains.

Change Your Mood

Even when we feel low and fed up, simulated laughter sounds can be used to start tricking the brain to produce happy chemicals. Within a few minutes, the laughter becomes real.


Laughter creates a positive mental state and helps us deal with negative situations/people at challenging times in our lives.

Beats Stress

Using deep, diaphragmatic breathing to increase oxygen intake, this relaxes and lowers stress-related hormone levels in the body. You easily forget any worries when laughing.


With using the skill of laughter and communication, we can connect with other people more easily. Laughter attracts friends.

Health Benefits

Prolonged laughter works the heart, increases oxygen to the body and brain, it increases energy and positivity, increases immunity, faster healing, pain relief, amongst many other benefits.

Happier Working

It’s been proven that happier people work better.  Stay in their jobs.  Have less sick days as they have a better immune system too!

Meet Sara of Serious Laughter 

Since training as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Sara Kay has been awarded the title of Laughter Ambassador for promoting Laughter Yoga throughout Cheshire and Manchester.

Sara lost her inner laughter for 20 years and then rediscovered the many health and wellbeing benefits of having a good belly laugh when she discovered Laughter Yoga in 2016. Having suffered from depression for many years this was a positive, life-changing influence which gave her a special new purpose.

Sara practices intentional laughter several times a day. The benefits which she found have been powerful enough to help her cope with many life challenges along with improved health and immunity, and inner wellbeing.

What people say

What a great start to the day that was! We invited Sara to run a laughter yoga workshop for our whole agency on Blue Monday. It was hilarious and extremely enjoyable. The smiles lasted for the rest of the week and the catchphrases we picked up have been ringing round the office picking us all up when things get tough. If you want something unique and different to boost morale or even just to have a bit of fun, don’t think twice, give Sara a call! You’ll never meet anyone more uplifting, she’s a real joy and she’s definitely into something with this laughter yoga.

Stewart Hilton

ZEAL Creative, MediaCity

Sara is a very dynamic, caring and enthusiastic person. I really enjoyed her delivery of the laughter yoga teacher course. Sara answered all of our questions and used her own experiences and knowledge to satisfy all of our thirst for knowledge and understanding. We felt like a small family by the end of the weekend and I think Sara’s caring, empathetic and mindful nature allowed that to happen. Combine all of this with her enthusiasm and skill and you are guaranteed satisfaction! I feel very lucky to have trained with her.

Dee Ashcroft

Forest School Leader

Laughter for Wellbeing

Laughter exercises create all the benefits inside your body – reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously.


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