About Sara Kay


Serious and depressed to joyful and vibrant…

Sara had depression in January 2016 and life was a bit grim.
A chance Laughter workshop at a wellbeing day changed all that.

She discovered that laughter was definitely missing (the last hearty laughter was 20 years prior to discovering Laughter Yoga) – little did she know all the benefits which would unfold.

Since training as a Wellbeing Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher,
trained in October 2016, Sara has gained extensive experience with a huge range of clients – from schools to nursing homes, from corporate clients to conferences.

A competent speaker, Sara has been on the stage of many conferences and festivals.

She enjoys and specialises in bringing mental strength through laughter to anxious and overwhelmed business women and those in care roles.

Away from work her interests include puppetry, dancing,
singing and walking, with several community projects on the go.

Sara is a Mental Health First Aider, Laughter Ambassador, and delivers Wellbeing Laughter workshops with great empathy, understanding and confidence, making you feel really positive, calm and stress-free.

Listen to Sara chat below.

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