Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance


Created by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria, in 2019, Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance is a unique aerobic exercise routine combining Bollywood dancing with laughter sounds, clapping and deep breathing.

This gives you an amazing inside-outside workout, releasing stress it’s really cathartic whilst being cardio exercise too. 

Definitely your joy and happiness Injection.

Sara Kay from Serious Laughter leads you with instructions however the main objective is to move and have fun!

Adapted for all abilities, participants may take part seated or standing.

Serious Laughter is able to offer Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance to your company either on its own, or as an extra to your workshop (the session lasts 30-45 minutes). 

To see this in action take a look at the promotional
YouTube clip here

Email Sara at to secure your session.


Incorporates Four Elements of Joy