How strong is your immune system?

Sometimes you may not know until you get poorly.  Frequently.

As Covid keeps doing its’ rounds in variants, I want to raise awareness of how Laughter.  I mean hearty laughter (as in Laughter Yoga) helps to really boost your immune system.

With regular Laughter Yoga practice, your natural killer cells, and T-cells are increased and work well to keep you boost your immune system.

There are additional ways to increase your T-cells – eat fruit and vegetables high in vitamin B6, thiamin and folic acid.  The best fruits? Oranges, grap

A vitamin supplement which is really useful is Vitamin D – the natural sunlight vitamin – and eggs are an amazing food to provide Vitamin D – 82% of the recommended daily intake is in one serving of eggs.

What else helps? sleep, drinking water, exercising regularly, and minimising STRESS.

Hearty laughter is a natural, carthartic release of stress.  Releasing both body and emotional stress at the same time.

What else does this mean to you?

I don’t know a single person in my circle that loves to be poorly.  We miss out on family, doing hobbies, attending life events, social events, and so on.

AND less sickness at work means fewer employees are off poorly – so no extra cover to pay for, or counterparts are working their little socks off and stressed.

There have been several sessions I was asked to run and have been cancelled – due to employees having Covid.  Sad times for everyone, but if they put Laughter Yoga into place earlier, this probably wouldn’t have been the case!

I’m happy to report these amazing stories of recovery ….

A LinkedIn colleague who was about to participate in an online Laughter session explained she was still suffering with Covid and wanted to get better quickly.  A few days later she was better and the Laughter session had boosted her immunity sufficiently to meet with her family at a special celebration.

I remember vividly coming down with a cold/headache, not contagious, I laughed for 2 days in a training session and the cold had disappeared by the end of the 2 days.

Laughter Yoga does help boost recovery and stops us getting so poorly in many cases.

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