Community & Family Activities


Special Events:
Having a celebration or birthday soon? We offer family or adults only online or in-person Laughter birthday or celebration parties (with or without our Positive Puppets) –  a perfect really uplifting social-bonding party you’ll remember forever!

Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance – can be added onto your workshop or party for between 10 minutes to the full 30 minutes.  Bringing even more joy to your event!  More information here.

With Positive Puppets – can be added onto your party.  A special a greeting will be made near the start of the party by 1 or 2 from the Positive Puppets collection.  Choose your own greeting video – scroll this page for more information.

Online Zoom Laughter Sessions

Easily the Best Start to Your Day!

There are daily morning Laughter Boosts on Zoom – Laughter works really well online too!
Come and join in the energising Laughter Sessions with The Daily Giggle Team.  The Team – led by Sara Kay (Serious Laughter) and
Maggie Thompson (Merrie Maggie).

Want to learn and laugh more? Email us about workshops and courses

smile Magical Morning Boost session (preferably ensure you have attended at least one evening session first):

9am Saturdays – 15 mins

Evening Laughter Yoga :

Mondays 6.30pm (30 mins) – hosted by Sara Kay

smile Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance – classes are held monthly (45 minutes) hosted by Sara Kay Book on Eventbrite here or see the promotional video here 

In-person events are currently adhoc in the Manchester area.

Contact Merrie Maggie for details of her Tuesday and Thursday sessions here 

Book for all online/in-person events or email us.  Book on Eventbrite here

* We look forward to laughing with you soon on Zoom or in-person! *

Positive Puppets

There’s a special magical connection between people and puppets – we, as humans, instantly come alive with creativity and imagination when puppets are used for entertainment.

Birthday Parties

We provide 30-45 minutes Positive Puppets story, puppetry interaction, laughter, dancing and singing.

Party bags available if requested.

Your child will simply have a magical birthday experience to remember.

Of course adults will do too!

If you’re in the Manchester area, we come to your venue.  Alternatively we can arrange a venue.

Video Greetings

Your chance to own a very special birthday gift with a Positive Puppets Birthday Greeting Video – a unique personalised gift .  Why stop at Birthdays? Valentines? Christmas? How about an Anniversary? New Home? New Baby for a sibling? Get well?

What wording will you choose? And which, out of a huge menu of 30+ puppets, will you choose?

Whether it’s for a 1 year old or a 100 year old, the magic of puppets singing Happy Birthday or any other greeting of your choice is a memorable, unique gift.  We deliver with energy, vibrancy and tons of love. 

Email us for an example of our greeting videos 

Costs are £25-£35.

You will be guaranteed making a huge difference to your special person’s day.

To book a Positive Puppets Greeting Video click hereFor more information or to see a sample, please email

See our funpost on Positive Puppets here.

Puppetry Playshops

You will learn together and most of all have fun in this monthly get together of puppeteers.  Playshop sessions can be arranged for your friends and family.  Email for further details.

Your day will never be dull with a puppet experience in your life.


To find out more email