Alcohol or not to alcohol that is the question….  I can take it or leave it as I drank a fair amount in my teens and early twenties.  Having the fortunate advantage of a sweet tooth limits the choice of what to drink!

When I (rarely) go to a pub and watch people who have consumed several alcoholic drinks and start slurring their words, or swearing to show their feelings, and worse!, I’m reminded that there’s a few distinct advantages to not drinking at all or having only one alcoholic drink….

  1. I’m in control of what I do.  I’ll remember what I have said and done.  Alcohol doesn’t control what I say or do.

2) It isn’t necessary for me to have alcohol to laugh or communicate confidently with people, be it friends or strangers.

3) I can dance, walk or run and not fall over without alcohol – haha – well that’s the plan anyway!

4. No after-effects – no sickness or hangovers so the following day isn’t a right-off for recovery.

5) I save a ton of money – let’s face it – alcohol is expensive.  I nearly dropped through the floor when I bought a friend a large white wine for around £5 or £6 – that price per litre is sickening and would pay for a nice roast chicken meal or several veggy curries!

6) When I have an alcoholic drink, it feels like a treat instead of an everyday routine drink.

7) I’m looking after my body and brain.  A healthy body with occasional treats will look after me if I look after it.

8) My breath doesn’t stink during the evening or the morning after.

9) I can drive a car when I don’t drink alcohol.  Saves on taxi fares.

10) I don’t slur my words.

Well that’s my 10 advantages so far quickly reeled off! …I wonder if you can think of any others?

I don’t claim to being a saint.  I drink alcohol occasionally when I really want to enjoy one drink and I eat treats like sweets and chips sometimes.  But what I do believe in is it’s not necessary to drink alcohol to have a really great night (or day) out.  I can be happy without alcohol and I love the fact that if I look like a mad person people will know that this is me.

A genuine person.

Instead of a person who has alcohol controlling her!

Laughter may well be the best alternative drink!

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