Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a Laughter Yoga class timetable

Please see the Events page for details of all community clubs, workshops and training courses.

What is the cost of attending a Laughter Yoga workshop?

Laughter Club admittance cost depends on the venue hire cost and varies, subsidised rates are available – please contact us for details. For prices of corporate or community workshops, and Laughter Yoga Leader Training courses please contact Sara at or phone 07974 778 091.

I don't feel happy enough to laugh should I still come?

A huge benefit of coming to a Laughter Yoga class is that it’s not necessary to be happy to come along – we do pretend laughter at first, and it soon becomes real. You will gain lots of positivity – feel-good chemicals called endorphins – from laughing be it pretend or real.

I have a medical condition/injury. Can I still participate?

There is a medical conditions paragraph on the signing in sheet which we ask you to read and sign. Laughter Yoga is cardiovascular exercise and works the diaphragm – please seek professional medical advice if concerned.

Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary. We will explain very simply what to do. Each exercise is very straightforward.

What do I wear to classes?

Comfortable clothing and flat shoes are recommended. No gym kit is required.

What do I bring to a class?

Please bring a soft drink/water with you. If you have a blanket or mat that may be helpful but not essential. We recommend you bring your willingness to participate too!

Where do I put my keys and phone?

The room is plenty big enough for you to place your belongings at the side. Only participants for the class or course will be present in the room. Left at owner’s risk.

What if I get tired?

Take a break when you need to and come back to the exercises if able to do so. We do deep breathing exercises inbetween laughter exercises to help to revive ourselves. Relaxation time is part of the Laughter Yoga experience at the end of the session.

What if I have to leave early?

It is fine to leave during Laughter Yoga exercises though if possible it is better to avoid leaving in the relaxation part so that you don’t disturb other participants.

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