Laughter sessions… with deep belly laughter.  Slightly scary? Certainly a tiny bit challenging…

The only challenge is trying coming to it online.  You’re invited to have your video on or off to start with.

Trained Laughter Yoga Professionals have the skill to “warm you up” to laugh.  It may not even happen the first time you attend.  To start to let go of stress and any inhibitions may take 2 or 3 attendances.

The warm up exercises involve breathing and activating your diaphragm (if you sing in a choir they are similar exercises).  These gently warm up all the muscles needed to laugh – including your facial muscles.  Talking of which, your face may feel like it has had a workout.  It will have!  It uses many muscles and you’ll also receive a special “after-laughter” glow in your cheeks from all your efforts.

Your comfort zone is a special thing isn’t it? You know you’ll feel better when doing any form of exercise, but it’s the first step that’s the hardest one, and it’s the one that leads you into self-growth too.

To chat about how Laughter Yoga can help you please call Sara on 07974778091