Laughter Workshops
For Your Team

During the past year it’s been a challenge for your team to stay connected and positive.

Do you need your team’s anxiety/stress to dissolve easily?

Like to clear that brain fog?

Remain healthy with increase immunity?

Are you looking for a new uplifting positive wellbeing workshop experience?

Require a really positive team building workshop with seriously good benefits that work every time?

Feel your team’s drive and purpose is lacking?

These are just some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga, or Laughing Yoga as it is sometimes known as.

Wellbeing laughter workshops (because consistency is key) help you, your work colleagues, your company flourish.The benefits are scientifically proven – Laughter reduces

The packages:

– 10-15 minute Laughter Boost / ice-breaker for conferences
– 30 minute Taster Laughter Yoga session
– 30 minute Anxiety Release Laughter Yoga session
– 1 hour Full Laughter Yoga workshop with Relaxation
– Joy Team-Building Workshop with Laughter Yoga with/without Bollywood Laughter Dance 

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