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Easily the Best Start to Your Day!

Come and join in the energising Laughter Sessions with The Daily Giggle Team.

There are daily morning Laughter Yoga sessions on Zoom – yes Laughter works really well online too!
The Team – led by Sara Kay (Serious Laughter)
Maggie Thompson (Merrie Maggie)
and several other Laughter Yoga professionals.

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smile Magical Morning sessions:

8am (Monday-Friday) – 10 mins
(Friendship Fridays 20 mins happy chat afterwards)
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9am (Weekends) – 10 mins
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Empower Evening sessions:

Tuesdays 5pm – hosted by Merrie Maggie RSVP on Meetup here

Thursdays 5pm – hosted by Merrie Maggie RSVP on Meetup here

Thursdays 7pm – hosted by Sara Kay –  RSVP on Eventbrite here

smile Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance – Sunday 9 May 2021 at 7pm (30 minutes) hosted by Sara Kay Book on Eventbrite here

* We look forward to laughing with you soon on Zoom! *

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