What clients say about Serious Laughter 

Sara Kay is incredibly skilled at delivering Laughter Yoga.
Her enthusiasm is infectious. I chose Sara to lead the College of Medicine’s Laughter Yoga session’s because of a personal recommendation. Sara is absolutely brilliant.

I am not a natural at doing classes like this and felt a bit self conscious – I needn’t have felt awkward, Sara is warm, kind and engaging and makes everyone feel so welcome.

Amanda King

College of Medicine

What a great start to the day that was! We invited Sara to run a Laughter Yoga workshop for our whole agency on Blue Monday. It was hilarious and extremely enjoyable. The smiles lasted for the rest of the week and the catchphrases we picked up have been ringing round the office picking us all up when things get tough. If you want something unique and different to boost morale or even just to have a bit of fun, don’t think twice, give Sara a call! You’ll never meet anyone more uplifting, she’s a real joy and she’s definitely into something with this laughter yoga.

Stewart Hilton

ZEAL Creative, MediaCity

We had a great session with Sara. My school provides education for children and young adults in the care of their Local Authority. There were 4 students and 3 teachers in the session- and we all loved it. Laughter Yoga is fun, positive, low cost and a great way to get your students and staff together for a great day.

Lynn Strathdee

Lead School Teacher

Laugh out loud, laugh a minute, what a HOOT Serious Laughter is! GREAT experience with GREAT like-minded people wanting to benefit from the feel-good factor of laughter whilst enhancing the intake of oxygen, stimulating the heart, lungs and muscles, and increase the endorphins that are released by the brain. Give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I was!

Lenny Davies


I absolutely loved attending Sara’s laughter yoga workshop this morning. The time flew by and Sara kept us involved and engaged every minute. The session was really inclusive, loads of fun and left me feeling positive, inspired and set up for a great day. If you’re considering hiring Sara I would definitely say do it do it do it!

Paula Cohen


A few weeks in and this has been the most amazing thing for me for some while. I started this adventure not knowing anything about Laughter. Just thought I would pluck up the courage to try it and I am so thankful that I did. Sara is a great group leader and my fellow class mates are a wonderful friendly group who have really helped me to relax into the spirit of the class. I have such a great time each week and leave looking forward to the next meet up.



Thank you so much Sara for the laughter workshop with our team at Warbs, we really appreciated it (especially the relaxation yoga) and loved your enthusiasm! 

Sarah Graham


Sara delivered a Laughter Yoga session at our event for people who lost their jobs due to the collapse of Thomas Cook. It was brilliant! To see people who had been through such a tough few weeks, laughing heartily and looking for a few minutes like they did not have a care in the world, was fabulous. Even people who I did not think would get involved, by the end of the session, were laughing away. A fantastic way to start our afternoon session and get everyone in the right frame of mind after lunch. Would heartily recommend Sara and Laughter Yoga.

Diana Bowden

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