Is Laughter Yoga actually Yoga?

I get asked this a lot. In fact, it is asked so much that my answer is very straightforward.

The Yoga in Laughter Yoga is the deep Pranayma breathing after we have taken part in a Laughter exercise.

If we didn’t use deep breathing we would quickly run out of oxygen in our lungs and definitely feel out of breath and lightheaded.

You see, Laughter is cardiovascular exercise (which traditional forms of Yoga are definitely not).

You won’t need the lycra or flexibility – or even stand up (this where Laughter Yoga is so accessible for all abilities).


Now, allow me to share stories – my own experiences – of how confusing the word “Yoga” can be…

  • A client shared when their bespoke Laughter Yoga session was – displaying a photo of someone doing a traditional Yoga pose in lycra clothing.
  • A religious venue where I wanted to hire a room for a community session – refused me until I explained what Laughter Yoga is and we agreed to call it “Wellbeing Laughter”.
  • A venue said there were too many Yoga classes already at their venue so couldn’t let a Laughter Yoga session be held there.

Happily all good endings!

Hope that’s put a smile on your face too.

And so, there we have it.  Let’s put the record straight for Laughter Yoga – lots of cardio-vascular laughter which leads to releasing all that stress, and becoming a healthier and more positive, playful person. Plus energy clapping and Yogic Pranayama breathing to top up oxygen levels and relax us.

Laughter for your wellbeing – for a mind and body workout.  An internal jogging system.

That’s Laughter Yoga.  TA-DA!

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