Firstly, let me share that you do NOT have to be happy to come to a Wellbeing Laughter Yoga session.

Secondly, let me share that there are no Yoga mats or need to wear lycra clothing – happily the Yoga bit is the breathing.

How much space is needed for a session? A question often asked – for a short 30 minute session, enough room for participants to stand in a circle with arms stretched to the sides.  For a lengthier one hour session, participants need enough room to lay down on the floor.  A floor covering can be provided if there isn’t one already there.

An enclosed room without tables (or tables put around the edges) rather than a hallway/where people can pass by, is preferable.
In general any room square shaped or large works well with sufficient lighting works well.

Here’s the guide to what happens…

At the start of the Laughter Yoga session, we remind our bodies how to breathe efficiently.  This is deep Yogic breathing known as Pranayama.  The only Yoga bit of Laughter Yoga.

It may seem obvious to some, but from the surveys I received back from participants, they are often very often unaware of their breathing.  Breathing deeply relaxes us and enables the mind to focus in the current moment.

Next thing we do is to activate our abdominal muscles to start creating deep, hearty laughter and, of course, our facial chuckle muscles, laughing gently on purpose.

We then participate in approximately 8 Laughter Yoga exercises.  Some are relatable to real life situations, and some to the fun and playful element of Laughter Yoga.

Depending on the length of the session is what comes next…

In the 30 minutes session we participate in a short grounding exercise breathing and relaxation.

For a one hour left session we would go on to enjoy a laughter meditation (not quiet!) usually involving laying on your back, your eyes and letting the cathartic release of stress come out as laughter.

Following this we will do a complete guided body relaxation (also known as non-sleep deep rest). This completes the full laughter yoga experience.

Participants feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energised.

With so much oxygen in their brains, they often feel that this is the perfect time to set to a task which they must accomplish.

There’s no better time like the present to book into your Wellbeing Laughter Yoga session …


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