Would you really love for your anxiety/stress to dissolve easily?
Are you looking for a new uplifting positive experience?
Crave for a wonderful and special social connection?
Feel your brain is a bit on the rusty side and want creativity?
Need some real “oomph”?

These are just some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Proven to really work well online over Zoom – a workshop, or wellbeing laughter session – will help you, your family, work colleagues, and friends.  The ripple effect continues far beyond one session.  You’ll reflect on your experience for years afterwards – and crave more of the same feelings you felt.

The benefits are scientifically proven – Laughter Yoga reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously.

To enquire about booking an online Zoom corporate or community workshop please contact Sara Kay at or phone 07974778091.

Events can vary from a 10 minute Laughter Boost, 30 minute Taster Laughter Yoga session, 1 hour Laughter Yoga workshop, 15-30 minute talk with Laughter Yoga exercises, Positivity Workshop with/without Laughter Yoga, Motivation Movers Music session.

One-to-One Laughter Coaching (a special 8 week programme) proven to improve your life and wellbeing.

Adults or children’s party Laughter Yoga sessions also available.

Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance – can be added onto your workshop for between 10 minutes to the full 30 minutes.  Bringing even more joy to your workshop!  More information here.


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